Motorola C115 with OsmocomBB

Raz Sharif issertiv at
Thu Jun 30 16:18:17 UTC 2011

Hi Folks, just wanted to know if anyone actually tried the Motorola C115
with OsmocomBB ?

It appears to be difficult to source compatible phones in the UK but I did
manage to get this C115 Model and wanted confirmation before hacking away at
it only to find it is not going to play.

The wiki states :

Motorola C115/C117

It seems to be 99.9% identical with the

So far, all our software (written for the
is working on the C115/C117, too.

The PCB is marked E87, i.e. one number less than the

Any feedback would be very appreciated from anyone who has had success with
this particular phone from the Users side.


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