SIM related question

Gianni Tedesco gianni at
Sat Jun 4 08:01:35 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-06-04 at 01:41 +0200, Drasko DRASKOVIC wrote:
> Hi all,
> after loading L1 to RAM and starting mobile app, "show cell" is giving me :
> OsmocomBB# show cell 1
> arfcn  |MCC    |MNC    |LAC    |cell ID|forb.LA|prio   |min-db |max-pwr|rx-lev
> -------+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------
> and
> OsmocomBB# network search 1
> logs :
> <0002> gsm322.c:3099 (ms 1) Event 'EVENT_USER_RESEL' for automatic
> PLMN selection in state 'A6 no SIM inserted'
> <0002> gsm322.c:3106 Event unhandled at this state.


> I have inserted SIM in the phone, and I know that SIM controller
> driver is not functional on the master branch.
> However, is there something that can be done even in this state to
> have some packet logging in Wireshark ?

Yes, the fact that you cannot subscribe to the network has nothing to do
with the gsmtap stuff which happens at a lower level.

> I.e. do we need SIM for any communication over Um. I guess not, and I
> want to start at this state, and observe some packets that are
> traversing the stack for educational reasons.

You guess correctly.

Did you try to capture the gsmtap packets already as I had described
before? What happened?

> Can somebody point me how this can be done (with current master and no
> SIM functional).

what valuye did you pass to mobile for the -i parameter?

eg: mobile -i

then just tcpdump -s0 host -w my-gsmptap-capture-file.pcap



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