Searching for a studendt WAS( ANN: osmo-pcap a PCAP Client and Server application)

Dario Lombardo dario.lombardo at
Tue Jun 7 07:29:46 UTC 2011

On 06/04/2011 02:50 AM, Malte Krupa wrote:
> Hi Holger,
> I'm a student and become more and more interested in the Osmocom(BB) project.
> I got the osmocomBB starter package (FTDI cable+Motorola/Compal C123)
> and try to write a patch for layer23+gpsd 2.96 at the moment. Ok, I'm trying to
> understand the existing code ... but I think I make some progress.  ;)
I wrote the gpsd support, so I think I could give you some support about 
it. Another user noticed some kind of bug I didn't have time to 
debug/fix, so I appreciate if you take some time to test and fix it.
Have a nice day

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