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> Ah, good. It looks like you had to change trf6151_pll_tx() quite a bit.
> Is there anything there that you are unsure of? Something I can test?

No, I looked at it again this morning and it looks fine.

You can try to enable the warning (define at the top of the file)
It shouldn't throw any (check that DCS is disabled in your mobile config or  
else it will throw some when doing power measurement in a bad band for your  

> > But obviously I couldn't test with a real BTS (because I'm not in the US
> > and the racal 6103e doesn't support GSM850)

> I'll experiment with OpenBTS and try both GSM900 and GSM850
> configurations.

Ah yes, I guess I could test with OpenBTS as well.

> Well, I can monitor the uplink frequency and compare the signal
> amplitude between the standard Motorola firmware and the osmocom code.
> If there is still a weak signal problem, it should be fairly obvious.

Yes, but with _fft software alone it's not easy because RACH is very short  
and so what you see on the screen is not really the power.
A real analyzer can be set to trigger on power level to capture 'only' the  
RACH and analyze the power in that.

A time graph might work tough. (or possibly waterfall with a very short fft  

> If you have any other ideas, I'd be glad to test them out. I'll at
> least try the above and figure out how strong the tx signal is. Not
> sure what I can do after that though.

You can look at the parameter chosen in the trf pll settings (A / B / Band)  
and post them here along with the ARFCN so I can check if they've been  
selected correctly.

I don't have much other ideas.


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