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Holger Hans Peter Freyther holger at
Mon Jan 24 17:27:26 UTC 2011

On 01/24/2011 05:19 PM, Sébastien Lorquet wrote:

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> Short version:
> - The exact tools I used on stage _*are _not_ and will _not_*_ be released (or
> sold ... several people asked ...)
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> Your initiative is not laughable, but your request is quite contradictory with
> the official statement that was made on this very list.

Hi Marten,

your initiative is not laughable, your is goal is nice too. The problem is you
go around and bag and this is not how it works. People prefer to donate
(money, items) to organization that have a proven track record, that one can
relate to (e.g. 'Die Tafeln' in germany, organizations that provide heating
for homeless in winter..).

You should start building some trust, this involves writing code in our
community. So here is something you could do.

1.) Setup a wiki/site for your phd at your university and point us to it
2.) Put the plans for your system on that page
3.) Build a prototype, thanks to the invention of layers you don't need to
have any hardware for that. E.g. start with a prototype that is announcing
classes through the CBCH with your own encapsulation of the message. Build the
code based on osmocomBB to receive this...
4.) Go for other physical channels with more bandwidth, again no RF is needed
you can just start using a SDCH and make the l1ctl connect to your repurposed
BTS code.

5.) Sylvian has shown how to get raw BURSTS from the DSP, maybe he is kind
enough at this state to help you in transmitting raw bursts. You could realize
the 3rd) with two osmocomBB then... at this point you could even do 4th.

6.) if you have done 1.) to 5.) have a prototype in software, some basic
illustration that the RF side is working. Ask for donations for a USRP1 and
the flex frontends and the antenna. I am sure that once you have shown that
1.) to 5.) are done, that you have a NGO at hand for a field trial that one
can make a tax deductible donation to that NGO and they will buy you the USRP
from that money.

so please build the trust by building up the system


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