Sniff Code..shown @chao conf.. CCC

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Mon Jan 24 16:19:00 UTC 2011


can you read english?

here is a one-liner extract from the first message that you were directed

FROM : Sylvain Munaut
SUBJECT : IMPORTANT clarifications about 27C3 GSM Sniff Talk

Short version:
- The exact tools I used on stage *are _not_ and will _not_* be released (or
sold ... several people asked ...)

And I guess that includes, no matter how many times you ask and whatever
your purpose.

I hope that's easier to understand now.

Your initiative is not laughable, but your request is quite contradictory
with the official statement that was made on this very list.

And let me ask : what will you do with software whose purpose is to *spy* on
people when your goal seem to be a full fledged communication stack?? I
can't really see what you will reuse from that. audio decoding? that one is
generic. channel scanning? for a teacher-to-students tool?


PS: Last message from me in this thread

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 4:57 PM, Marten Christophe <technosabby at>
> Hello All,
> Here i feel to introduce myself again as many are commenting on me.
> I'm a PhD Student also associated to a NGO who works for education in
> poor and rurale students located at remote location,
>  I'm trying to develop a distance teaching system with help of modern
> communication techniques but with the equipments which are cheapest
> and even available from salvaged , second-hand market ,
> repaired-shoppes or  resale store.
> second hand Motorola C1xx   series handsets are available here in bulk
> within $ 2-4 price, and no end user equipment can be as cheap as it
> is.
>  OK.. openBTS USRP1 and Motorola C1xx series MS will make cheapest and
> reliable  two way communication i have estimated
> so pls don't laugh at me.
> My THESIS of PhD also same , hence it is mutual benifit of NGO, me and
> remotely locating poor children
> Mr. Sylvain, I  will again request you to provide sniff code which you
> demonstrated @ chao conf.
> Kind Regards,
> On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 7:47 PM, Aaron Zauner <azet at> wrote:
> > Oh, i also found this:
> >
> >
> > ->
> >
> > lol.
> >
> > so long,
> > azet
> >
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