Motorola usb cable

Nikolaus Kohl nkohl at
Thu Jan 27 13:40:37 UTC 2011

>> To make it work you have to recompile the module pl2303, with this 
>> patch
>> (my kernel is Be careful to setup the right
>> values in the kernel root Makefile in order to fit your running 
>> kernel.
> Not necessarily. You should also be able to check without recompiling.
> Just go to the drivers-directory in sysfs:
> cd /sys/bus/usb/drivers/<driver>
which <driver>?I cannot find any pl2303 driver here. (Debian and ubuntu 
8.04)> and echo the data to the file new_id (as root):
> echo "067b 0307" > new_id
> This should bind the driver to the new_id.

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