Sim on C115 & C118

Dario Lombardo dario.lombardo at
Mon Jan 17 14:23:13 UTC 2011

Hello everybody
I'm trying to run the "mobile" application on a C115 and a C118 phone. I 
want to use the real sim, so I used "sim reader" in the config. Both 
phones have the same behaviour:

<000e> sim.c:1206 init SIM client
<0005> gsm48_cc.c:61 init Call Control
<0001> gsm48_rr.c:4944 init Radio Ressource process
<0004> gsm48_mm.c:1220 init Mobility Management process
<0004> gsm48_mm.c:971 Selecting PLMN SEARCH state, because no SIM.
<0002> gsm322.c:3471 init PLMN process
<0003> gsm322.c:3472 init Cell Selection process
Mobile '1' initialized, please start phone now!
VTY available on port 4247.
<0004> subscriber.c:556 Requesting SIM file 0x2fe2
<000e> sim.c:209 got new job: SIM_JOB_READ_BINARY (handle=00000004)
<000e> sim.c:697 go MF
<000e> sim.c:241 SELECT (file=0x3f00)
<000e> sim.c:187 sending APDU (class 0xa0, ins 0xa4)

no more output beyond this point.
Phones work correctly with other softwares, sim works correctly. I get 
no response from the sim. Is the card reader working on these phones? If 
yes, does anyone have suggestions to solve this issue?
Thanks a lot to everybody.

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