Problem compiling OsmocomBB on BT4 RC2

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Mon Jan 17 17:21:35 UTC 2011

> Easy there. I realize it's only a test and I did search the list before asking.

Well, you obviously didn't do THE FIRST THING you should have: open
the damn file that failed !
It should then have become obvious where the problem was. (and if it
wasn't you've got more serious problems ...)

I have nothing against GSM newbies, but before asking I think you always should:

 - Check the Wiki
 - Check the Mailing list
 - Just plain google for it
 - Try to fix it yourself for at least a few hours
 - Read the relevant specifications / schematics / whatever doc may be

(the two last items are not applicable to all questions obviously)

And if it's a build error, then you should even try harder to fix it
yourself because you should just know how all theses things work
already ...

And only if all the above failed, then ask on the ml or IRC.

Don't take it personally, but lately all questions on IRC and the ML
have mostly been around:
 - Building
 - Serial cable
 - Finding phones on ebay

All things you really should be able to solve by yourself without
asking ... all the info is out there, and frankly it's getting



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