Problem compiling OsmocomBB on BT4 RC2

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Mon Jan 17 17:07:56 UTC 2011

Easy there. I realize it's only a test and I did search the list before asking.
While I'm a newbie here I am learning and I did manage to compile it and have it running already and am having fun watching the broadcast traffic go by. Slowly I'm starting to dig deeper and understand it better.
And I do appreciate all the work you guys have been doing for years now and your willingness to share and help out others.

If we don't start exploring, make mistakes and ask silly questions how will we ever progress? I remember over 10 years ago getting similar reactions when I first started out trying to clone my SIM card and everyone said it was impossible and/or the network would never allow 2 identical SIMs to be connected at the same time. Well they were wrong because I managed to clone my SIM onto a gold wafer card and I was able to register both at the same time (although only the latest phone to register would actually receive calls, etc.).

Anyway, to make a long story short, although we may be newbies in GSM and osmocom, and many maybe come here to find a click and record script to listen to GSM (because that's what they read in the silly media), many of us are actually here trying to learn and appreciate some help since it's hard to find any thorough documentation.

Thanks again,

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> We should just stop giving answer
> ...
> It's like a "test" ... It's an experimental branch. if you
> can't
> compile it you shouldn't be running it in the first place.
>     Sylvain


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