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Sat Jan 8 15:02:11 UTC 2011


Thanks. it works well.
on ubuntu 10.04, 03eb:6124 is mapped to ttyACMx using cdc_acm
I compiled it the same way on x86 and amd64 (./configure
--prefix=/usr/local; make)
on x86, sam7 uses posix (sam7 -l /dev/ttyACM0)
on amd64, sam7 works with libusb directly
while connected, you have to remove ttyACM0 (rmmod cdc_acm), then it's
possible to use
sudo ./sam7 --exec set_clock --exec unlock_regions --exec "flash

once all set up, i'll write on the wiki.


On 08.01.2011 13:26, Christian Vogel wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> > usb 4-1: usbfs: interface 0 claimed by cdc_acm while 'sam7' sets
> > config #1
> sam7 can talk to the device either by using libusb, or by utilizing the
> emulated
> serial port of the Linux kernel.
> You have compiled sam7 to use usb directly, so you have to rmmod
> usbserial and/or cdc_acm,
> because they will block your attempts to talk to the device via libusb.
> This
> is the error message you've seen in your kernel log.
> (check io_libusb.c (usb) and io_posix.c (emulated serial port) in the
> sam7utils source code,
>  it unfortunately provides very little feedback if things don't work out
> well)
>       Chris

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