TODO: OsmocomBB to continually iterate over all cells and dump SI

Alex Badea vamposdecampos at
Fri Jan 14 19:20:48 UTC 2011

On 2010-12-22 20:01, Jason wrote:
>> So what's missing is really only the PCAP support...
> would you want libpcap (a lot of unnecessary code), or just use the file
> and packet headers?

Here's some hackish code I wrote which might be useful.  I've recently 
been abroad (in Austria), and wanted to run cell_log stand-alone on my 
GTA02 without lugging a laptop around.

I ran cell_log on the GTA02 application processor (with hacked timers to 
spend a longer time camped on each ARFCN), sending gsmtap packets to 
localhost.  I then had a small program[1] which receives these and 
writes them to a file in .pcap format.

For simplicity (and somewhat lower overhead) only the raw GSMTAP payload 
is written, and the linktype is set to DLT_USER0.  A small wireshark 
patch[2] then allows these captures to be read directly[3].


[1], [2] attached.
[3] e.g., wireshark -o "uat:user_dlts:\"User 0 
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