Mediatek MT6235 status (Sciphone G2)

Harald Welte laforge at
Fri Feb 18 17:55:12 UTC 2011

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 07:27:59AM -0700, Marius Cirsta wrote:
>  From what I understand MT6235 has just one ARM926EJS processor and a
> DSP.  This probably means that the it runs both the application and
> the GSM stack on a single CPU , right ?

It's actually 2 DSP cores.  But yes, your last statement is correct.

>  I read in an article about Symbian that it's able to do this because
> it's a realtime OS but to my knowledge Linux is not ( hence the GSM
> stack runs on a second processor in Android phones ). Now I also know
> there's a realtime Linux kernel but the question is would it be
> possible to run both the application and GSM stack together on the
> MT6235 under Linux.

Don't believe marketing crap by any company (or the Symbian foundation) ;)

Layer 2 and Layer 3 of GSM have no realtime requirements, it's only the L1
that has.  Running L1 inside the kernel in IRQ priority should solve all those
problems.  If not, we can still use the FIQ to pre-empt all the other IRQs
in the kernel.

Layer2 + Layer3 then run as regular userspace programs on top of the kernel.

The entire' "realtime vs. non-realtime" debate often seems nothing but
a religious and/or marketing war.

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