Mediatek MT6235 status (Sciphone G2)

Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Thu Feb 17 15:12:05 UTC 2011


On Thu, 2011-02-17 at 16:23, Marcin.Mielczarczyk at wrote:
> After some break finally I managed to describe and commit all changes made to MT6235 Linux port during last one and the half month.
> Currently I got full Angstrom Linux distribution running with UI.
> Now you can run everything what I'm writing below without changing Sciphone's original firmware. Just use osmocon to load U-Boot to RAM and SD card which has rootfs (with Linux kernel placed in /boot/uImage).

Nice progress. :)

> For building Linux distributions I chose OpenEmbedded where you can build a lot of Linux variations.
> To be able to do this I prepared patch which adds Sciphone G2 target and adds U-Boot and Linux kernel repositories from OsmocomBB project.
> All details regarding OE are described on wiki:

Are you planning to change the OE patch soon or would you like to get it into
the OE tree? If you are fine with its current state I could review it for you
and push it when it is ready. (Well, Holger could do it as well but I think he
is busy enough :))

Stefan Schmidt

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