AGCH question.

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Thu Feb 3 13:54:14 UTC 2011


> First, I triying a simple SMS handler, to send and receive. With wireshark I don´t see RACH request, I suppose it is because the DSP inside the phone manage it, am I wrong? About this, I don´t have knowledge about electronics, so I don´t want touch, any filter. So I need to see the RACH of the same phone were osmo is running, not another.

We only send to GSMTAP recomposed L2 packets from Normal Bursts.

We don't have debug support for other burst types like dummy/sch/rach,
I'm not even sure the gsmtap has a "spec" for it, or that the
wireshark dissector has code to process it.

Feel free to add support for all of this tough.

> The second question is about SI AGCH response, I didn´t find the algorithm to know which SDCCH channel gives the BTS to the MS to send/recv LAPDm bursts.

There is none specified ... the BTS is free to allocate whatever it
wants ... (well technically it's not the BTS itself, but other
component of the core network).



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