AGCH question.

Leonardo Nve leonardo.nve at
Thu Feb 3 13:14:03 UTC 2011

Hi everyone.

I´m coding a fuzzer with osmocombb API, I expect send you something good in a mounth or two  (It depends how much work i have).

I have two questions.

First, I triying a simple SMS handler, to send and receive. With wireshark I don´t see RACH request, I suppose it is because the DSP inside the phone manage it, am I wrong? About this, I don´t have knowledge about electronics, so I don´t want touch, any filter. So I need to see the RACH of the same phone were osmo is running, not another.

The second question is about SI AGCH response, I didn´t find the algorithm to know which SDCCH channel gives the BTS to the MS to send/recv LAPDm bursts.

Leonardo Nve
leonardo.nve at

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