R: Re: GPRS Vs EDGE - Trying to decode my own sessions

Luca Bongiorni luca.bongiorni1 at studenti.unimi.it
Sun Aug 28 10:24:48 UTC 2011

Hi Harald,

> Also, the Ti Calypso cannot do EDGE, so any phone that uses this
> chipset and has GPRS support would probably do the trick. The C155
> should fit that description (but you cannot attach it to a PC and have
> to generate traffic from the built-in WAP browser). The OpenMoko GTA01
> and GTA02 also fit that description.

thank you for your suggestions. 

Actually i could use some old phones that supports only GPRS (e.g. t68i, t39m, etc..), but these phones are not enough useful and i will explain why:

- i would like to use a phone that has field-test engineering;
- i would like to set the phone to camp only in a fixed ARFCN.

I was also trying a Pirelli DP-L10, but unfortunately i can only fix the band and not the arfcn. 

Btw... after a while i finally found how to force my Blackberry to work on GPRS on a fixed arfcn:

- Select an arfcn;
- Lock to this cell;  [ http://tinyurl.com/3dcc6vm ]
- Disable Uplink 8-PSK; [ http://tinyurl.com/3dxp85d ]

 Finally the phone is ready to start the tests. [ http://tinyurl.com/3rhldrn ]

As you can see, that engineering field-test is very useful because is showing which Coding Scheme and TS are used.

Unfortunately at this point... even if i tried a lot of times, i could see imm-ass, the TS, but when i'm trying to decode the dumps... nothing is decoded and i cannot even decode third-party sessions that obviously i could find on the same arfcn that i'm using.

So, at this state of art, I could decode only samples released from Nohl.
Someone else is having same problems?



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