libosmocore/osmocombb build error

Job baseband at
Sun Aug 21 12:04:44 UTC 2011


While further investigating the autoconf aspects of libosmcocore I ran
into some counter intuitive use of the conditional options. It seems
they are not implemented in the expected way.

I guess the intention of --disable-feature is that you can also say
--enable-feature (even if this is the default) or that
--enable-feature=no should work as this is a standard behavior of
configure. In the current use of the AC_ARG_ENABLE macro this fails.
According to
the  action-if-present and  action-if-not-present should not be used in
this way. Shall I modify this in a separate patch?

> I think we should introduce something like "--enable-embedded" as one
> global setting that would unify the following parts:
> 	* disable tests (so far: --disable-tests)
> 	* disable msgfile (so far: --disable-msgfile)
> 	* disable plugins (so far: --disable-plugin)
> 	* disable utilities (no way to disable so far)

What about

That are now also part of the build-target configure options?

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