interact osmocombb with OpenBTS

markus.manninger markus.manninger at
Wed Aug 17 18:41:57 UTC 2011

I allready have the same setup and my osmocom (C123, sylvain branche) 
phone works without any problems with my openBTS (USRP1, v2.6.0).


On 08/16/2011 11:32 AM, josephli [via baseband-devel] wrote:
> Hello every,
> I recently set up the equipment and tried to communicate with the public
> PLMN and it worked well at that stage. Then I tried to camp on the
> OpenBTS after switching on the SIM card. When it progressed to location
> updating request step, the OpenBTS can not receive identity response
> from MS. The timer t3210 was fired as long as passing a certain period
> of time and location updating request was sending again iteratively.
> Anyway location updating was failed. I checked through wireshark from
> the mobile phone side, showing that MS did send the response however
> OpenBTS did not receive somehow. Also the timing advance (ta) during
> that process became 127 which was abnormal, out of the maximum value of
> 63. I suspected it was also caused by the failure of reception.
> Is there something wrong about the decoding at OpenBTS side or data
> packing error at MS side? Is there any way to fix it?
> Many thanks,
> Li
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