SMS status?

Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Thu Aug 11 11:34:07 UTC 2011


I skim in here as most developers are really busy with the GSM network
setup at the CCCamp at the moment.

On Wed, 2011-08-10 at 13:41, Andrew Reusch wrote:
> I work in a research lab and we're interested in using your stack to send
> SMS. I've got some time on my hands and a working OpenBTS stack (USRP), so I
> will probably go ahead and start implementing it in the mobile app. Before I
> start I just wanted to ask first about the status of mobile-originated SMS?
> I saw some traffic in the archives a few months back from Gianni about
> mobile-terminated SMS, but nothing recent about mobile-originated SMS.

Jolly or Sylvain will maybe know better but I think there is no SMS
functionality at all in osmocom bb right now. What we have though is
the SMS code on the networking side in OpenBSC. This could be used as
base for sharing this between and OpenBSC.

> Barring that, any suggestions on where to start? :) I'm kinda new here.

You should have a look at libosmocore and the openbsc codebase first
to figure out what parts of SMS functionality is there first.

> Assuming I get something solid working, I'd of course be willing to
> contribute it back to the codebase.

This would at least give you some support here. We had some problems
with supporting people without getting anything back. Be it docs,
useful bug reports or actual code. :/

Anyway a putting up a public repo with your code will show other
people what you have and perhaps help you debug it.

Stefan Schmidt

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