[PATCH] src: use new libosmogsm and include/osmocom/[gsm|core] path to headers

Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Tue Apr 26 12:34:34 UTC 2011

Hi Pablo,

thanks a lot.  I took the liberty of merging your patch, as it seemed
to build+work fine here.

In a more general sense, I think the more stable the API of libosmocore
becomes, the less need we have for copying libosmocore inside osmocom-bb.git
by means of git-subtree.

This was mainly a hack early on, to decouple osmocom-bb from the API
instabilities and build errors when cross-compiling for the target ARM.

If we'd start to make official libosmocore releases, we can simply
base on that.  The cross-compilation for the target could be handled
by a script that will download the respective libosmocore snapshot
(or latest git master), and then run configure + make.

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