AW: Newbie: C123 + layer1.compalram.bin + layer23

Andreas.Eversberg Andreas.Eversberg at
Thu Oct 14 07:15:11 UTC 2010

> But I'm not sure it really works: the firmware seems to freeze (not
> responding to the power button anymore) and the last output of
> is:
> <0003> gsm322.c:257 Sync to ARFCN=104 rxlev=-65 (No sysinfo yet, ccch
mode NONE)

hi nicolas,

be sure to use the branch of sylvain: sylvain/testing (i think you did)

the process freezes after many sync requests due to a memory leak that
has not been fixed. without the fix, the full network search process
should run several times without freeze. but in your case it looks like
freezing every first sync request.

can you watch the display of your c123? see if it gets a little darker
at the point it freezes (when trying to sync).



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