Newbie: C123 + layer1.compalram.bin + layer23

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Wed Oct 13 14:41:03 UTC 2010

> <0003> gsm322.c:257 Sync to ARFCN=104 rxlev=-65 (No sysinfo yet, ccch mode NONE)
> Based on the low rxlevel, I guess it is not acquiring any meaningful
> signal?

-65 dBm is a pretty strong signal actually :)

It should be able to sync down to -105 dBm or so.

> In [2], Steve said the internal antenna was switched off when the cable
> is plugged in, is it still true?

It's true and won't ever change ... it's a hardware switch, when you
plug something in the antenna plug, it disconnects the built-in

> | L1CTL_RESET_REQ: FULL!L1CTL_FBSB_REQ (arfcn=104, flags=0x7)
> | Starting FCCH RecognitionFB0 (1748:10): TOA=11712, Power=-106dBm, Angle=-22058Hz
> | FB0 (1775:11): TOA=12528, Power= -65dBm, Angle=-3818Hz
> | FB0 (1796:5): TOA= 5280, Power= -68dBm, Angle=-16117Hz
> | FB0 (1799:1): TOA=   96, Power=-109dBm, Angle= 7082Hz

It's weird that the power varies so much ... it's also weird that it
even _tried_ to sync with a 22kHz frequency error ..
It might try to sync to something that's not a C0 ...

Try to force the ARFCN to a known good cell (that you get from a phone
with netmonitor) using the stick option.



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