Dieter Spaar spaar at mirider.augusta.de
Thu Oct 7 12:58:42 UTC 2010

Hello Marten,

just some basic technical note about what you are planning to do.
The following _could_ work (to be sure if this is really usable
in the planed environment much more research has to be investigated):

  - The BTS is based on a modified version of OpenBTS which allows to
    send a TCH without the need for signalling to setup the TCH. Similar
    everything on the uplink TCH will be played back.

  - The phones are based on OsmocomBB and receive the TCH from the BTS
    and play it back, they do not send anything on the TCH yet.

  - If you make sure that only one phone at once will send, it would
    be possible to press a button on the phone which will start
    transmitting on the TCH and then talk, similar to simple CB Radio
    handsets. On the BTS side you will hear the result.

However all the adjustments to OpenBTS and OsmocomBB, even for a simple
"Proof of concecpt" are not trivial. So you have to understand OpenBTS
and OsmocomBB to make the required changes, you cannot expect that
a short answere here on the list is the solution for the problem.

Best regards,
Dieter Spaar, Germany                           spaar at mirider.augusta.de

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