Marten Christophe technosabby at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 19:47:45 UTC 2010

Thanks Nordin, Deiter, Sylvain,

So nice you people are,

>The code I used when I started to implement the TCH in Layer-1 will
>no longer work with the current version of OsmocomBB so it is of
>no help. This means I have to rewrite it and test it to be sure

I'm Keeping the copies of OsmocomBB source code, from Ari 2010. l onwards ,
with almost 5 -6 days interval i saved  it to local drive
with date tag, as i seen few of similar project were shut down due to legal
issue hence i kept copy.
thus i have more then 15 source code with date( of main branch), so far,
including the one you enabled the TCH in August. month.

will it work? like if replacing some files.
also i just want to know there is some branches in source code apart from
main branch.  can it  be download and workable ?

Kind regards,
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