SIM: File structure.

Sébastien Lorquet squalyl at
Thu Mar 18 11:17:18 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm making progress on the SIM/Filesystem applet. Data access commands are
working, I'm now working on writing commands that send replies formatted as
defined in TS 11.11 instead of FCI responses.

I need input from you: I'm only a "smart card" guy, I can do "whatever is
needed", but I need to define *what* is needed with you. I know especially
nothing about GSM itself except that the MS talks with the SIM to manage
cryptography, store SMS and phonebooks entries, etc.

The SIM obviously relies on a filesystem. Some files are defined as
mandatory in TS11.11, so I will include them, but their size is not always
fixed. I'm opening this thread to define this kind of information.

-what should be the N value for files whose size is defined by "3*N, N>=4"?
-what optional files will be needed when the layer 2-3 will be ready to talk
with the SIM?

I let you read the TS11.11 spec to make your choice.


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