Motorola C140 dissection

Uwe Hermann uwe at
Sat Mar 13 04:34:03 UTC 2010


I've noticed there is no detailed info on the C140 in the wiki as the
shielding is soldered on this model. I opened that one on my C140 today
by force (ripping it apart, more or less), dunno yet if the phone survived
but at least I got some nice photos of it now :-)

I put the relevant info and photos up at my wiki:

I don't think I have access to the wiki, but feel free to
merge any of the info or photos you like, all my C140 photos are in the
public domain.

Most of the hardware is very similar to the C123 as far as I can see.
The display may be a small problem as it's a Toppoly TD014THEA3 for
which I haven't yet found a datasheet. It probably has an integrated
controller, or at least I didn't find an external controller on the PCB.

I'll try to figure out some of the connections of the test pads on the
PCB in the next few days, will report back when I know more.

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