build issues on OSX

Nathan Fain nat at
Sun Mar 14 12:13:48 UTC 2010

On Sun, 14 Mar 2010 12:54:09 +0100, Holger Freyther <zecke at>
> On Sunday 14 March 2010 11:10:41 Nathan Fain wrote:
> You will have to look at the line with "ar" and see if arm-*-ar was used
> and 
> if not you will need to patch the Makefile to do so.

This was the issue.  A check with arm-elf-objdump shows that these objects
definitely have symbol tables.  For some reason my build was using 'ar'
instead of 'arm-elf-ar'.  I'm sure there is a more intelligent solution but
for any other idiots out there that run into this, I just rebuilt the
archives by hand:

cd target/firmware/
rm calypso/libcalypso.a
arm-elf-ar vru calypso/libcalypso.a calypso/arm.o calypso/clock.o
calypso/dma.o calypso/dsp.o calypso/du.o calypso/i2c.o calypso/irq.o
calypso/rtc.o calypso/spi.o calypso/tpu.o calypso/tsp.o calypso/keypad.o
calypso/misc.o calypso/timer.o calypso/backlight.o calypso/uart.o
rm layer1/liblayer1.a
arm-elf-ar cru layer1/liblayer1.a layer1/avg.o layer1/agc.o layer1/afc.o
layer1/sync.o layer1/tdma_sched.o layer1/tpu_window.o layer1/init.o
layer1/l23_api.o layer1/mframe_sched.o layer1/sched_gsmtime.o
rm lib/libmini.a
arm-elf-ar cru lib/libmini.a lib/vsprintf.o lib/string.o lib/ctype.o
lib/printf.o lib/console.o lib/changebit.o lib/clearbit.o lib/div64.o
lib/lib1funcs.o lib/memcpy.o lib/memset.o lib/setbit.o lib/testchangebit.o
lib/testclearbit.o lib/testsetbit.o
rm comm/libcomm.a
arm-elf-ar cru comm/libcomm.a comm/msgb.o comm/sercomm.o
comm/sercomm_cons.o comm/timer.o
cd ../../shared/libosmocore/build-target/src/
arm-elf-ar cru .libs/libosmocore.a timer.o select.o signal.o msgb.o
tlv_parser.o bitvec.o comp128.o gsm_utils.o statistics.o write_queue.o
utils.o rsl.o gsm48.o rxlev_stat.o

This worked and the build completes.


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