Strange Problem / Cheap Cables

nicolho nicolho at
Wed Mar 3 11:18:24 UTC 2010

hi everyone,

could the strange problem be related to the cheap cable...?

still waiting for usb data cable from akku-king (supply issue...  
related to osmocomBB project ?), i'm also experiencing unstable serial  
communications with this cable :

some related questions :

does someone here use this cable ? :

can we use direct connection to PC serial port (UART or usb serial  
adapter) safely ? i mean without any ttl level conversion (like  
max-232) ?

which exact FTDI usb to serial chipset (ie FT232R) is most  
recommended, with :
- good linux driver support
- support for a possible future use of higher non-standard baud rates ?

is there any serial port configuration trick or driver tweak to get  
better serial communications with osmocon ?


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