l1test hangs

Hessel hessel at isquared.nl
Mon Mar 1 21:13:59 UTC 2010

Hi all,

This weekend I had my first try with a C123, and everything seemed to
work great from the start.
But suddenly when uploading l1test.bin to the phone, it seems to hang
after the first three ARFCN's found, like so:

Hello World from apps/l1test/main.c program code
Device ID code: 0xb4fb
Device Version code: 0x0000
ARM ID code: 0xfff3
cDSP ID code: 0x0128
Dropping sample '~'
Assert DSP into Reset
Releasing DSP from Reset
Setting some dsp_api.ndb values
Setting API NDB parameters
DSP Download Status: 0x0001
DSP API Version: 0x975b 0xadac
Finishing download phase
DSP Download Status: 0x0002
DSP API Version: 0x3606 0x0000
Performing power measurement over GSM900
LOST!ARFCN Top 10 Rx Level
ARFCN   7: -102 dBm
ARFCN  10: -103 dBm
ARFCN  14: -103 dBm

When I press any button of the phone it continues by showing the
remaining ARFCNs, but nothing else:

ARFCN  43: -103 dBm
ARFCN  85: -103 dBm
ARFCN  87: -103 dBm
ARFCN 105: -103 dBm
ARFCN 115: -103 dBm
ARFCN 123: -103 dBm
ARFCN  96: -104 dBm
Starting FCCH Recognition
key=12 pressed
key=12 released

I also noticed the dBm values,  all channels are barely above the
noise floor, right?

Does anybody have tips on how to get running again?


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