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Wed Jun 30 07:56:57 UTC 2010

i like to do extensions to the RSLms layer of osmocom. before that i
like to ask and discuss if this would be the correct way:
instead directly of calling l1ctl_* functions of l1ctl.c, i would like
to use RSL messages between layer 2 and layer 3. the lapdm.c would then
convert these messages and call l1ctl_* functions. (maybe i could split
up lapdm.c into lapdm.c and layer2.c. the selecting the handler for an
RSL request could be made at layer2.c, as well as selecting the right
handler for the frames received from layer1. only the lapdm part could
be handled in lapdm.c. )
the RACH request could be sent using RSL_MT_CHAN_RQD, the confirm could
be the same message type, but i prefer to invent a new one: 0x18, but
using the same IE layout. also including RSL_IE_MS_POWER_PARAM with the
RACH request, could tell the layer 1 about usage of power and TA (which
is normally 0 for RACH request).
the (UNIT) DATA request may also include RSL_IE_MS_POWER_PARAMS. if
omitted, the stored value from the last message with
the (UNIT) DATA indication and request of SACCH may include
RSL_IE_L1_INFO IE to receive power and timing control as well as send
the actual power and timing advance. i could handle these IE at layer 3
(radio ressource) and forward them to layer 1 (RSL_IE_MS_POWER_PARAM)
depending on the supported radio power and on special VTY settings to
mess with power and fake timing advance.
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