Fwd: SIM card driver

dexter zero-kelvin at gmx.de
Wed Jun 9 10:25:13 UTC 2010

Hi Drasko
> Hi all,
> can anybody point be to the SIM card driver sources ?
> I looked at src/target/firmware/calypso but did not find it...
I did not commit my work yet because its not finished. The driver works 
basicly, but is unfinished yet. Sorry folks. I am very busy but i did 
not forget about the driver. How urgent do you need a well working 
driver? Maybe i can sacrifice my weekend for this... Then you should be 
able to communicate with the SIM on APDU level.

> Is there some other sources that you know for SCI (Smart Card
> Interface) that I can look at ?
For the calypso iota you might want to have a look at the TSM-30 Sources.

Are you familliar with GSM 11.11 and the T=0 protocol?


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