baseband-devel Digest, Vol 5, Issue 7

Holger Hans Peter Freyther holger at
Wed Jun 9 05:56:15 UTC 2010

On 06/09/2010 01:38 PM, Zaki Ud Din wrote:
> Hello,
> I never thought I would become such a popular figure on your mailing
> lists, be it for the wrong reasons. I am sorry to have emailed you that
> question, but honestly I am new to Ubuntu. I have done quite a lot of
> programming on Windows, but this seems to be quite a different world,
> and that is why I email you even my seemingly childish questions for you
> to you, as I am sure you wont have any trouble solving them although it
> does takes some seconds of yours.

Hi Zaki,

the main problem I am facing is you are not reading. I asked you to not
send me private emails many times, you keep insisting to send me them, I
asked you to not top-post, you keep top-posting. This is disrespectful
toward the people you want help from.

We are interested in helping, even beginners, but we do have some basic
rules, I agree they are not written down but they do exist. This GSM
community is using two means of communication, one is the mailinglist,
the other the IRC channel. The community is providing the "service" as
best effort, you have certainly no right to insist that someone is
helping you. For the mailinglist we assume you to not top-post, but use
reply and to quote properly. If you have subscribed to the digest by
accident you can change that in the mailman, if you want to keep the
digest then please use a service like to reply to emails.

We are using english for communication and we assume basic problem
solving skills. E.g. if a tool emits a line like "Error please see
foo.log for details", we kind of assume you to look at that log file, or
at least attach it to the email, we also kind of assume you to follow
the thread you started.

In your specific case. You have downloaded a ia32 bit version of Ubuntu,
you have decided to download an amd64 bit version of the toolchain. The
'uname' command tells you something about your kernel, the architecture
it is running on (i686) and other bits. The 'file' command is reading
the header of the file you point it to. I asked you to determine the
type of arm-elf-gcc. In that case 'file' found the ELF magic number in
the header, and found out that it was compiled for AMD64. This is the
same "mistake" that Huseyin made, he wrote an email about it. Instead of
reading that email, you spend your time sending a private email to
Syvliant, and then to me, telling that the mailinglist didn't help you.

So please stick to the mailinglist, people help, please read the threads
you started, and feel free to ask specific questions.

happy hacking

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