disable comitting of files

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Apr 30 07:52:45 UTC 2010

Andreas.Eversberg wrote:
> i like to change some tracked files without committing them. when i
> do "git commit -a", every change is comitted.
> sometimes i like to play with layer1 code or even change Makefile.inc,
> but i don't want to reset my changes before committing.
> any idea how to create a list of omitted files?

Two ways:

"git commit -a" = "git add ." + "git commit"

You can use git add directly, to control exactly what is included in
the index (tracked) and later committed. Then you run only git commit
to create the commit.

As an alternative or perhaps complement, if making temporary changes
for testing in the middle of something else, check out git stash. It
pushes all uncommitted changes onto a temporary patch stash, and they
can be recalled easily later.


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