Layer 3 status

Andreas.Eversberg Andreas.Eversberg at
Mon Apr 26 12:52:39 UTC 2010

i like to give a short update about the current layer 3 development.
everything compiles, but is not tested and debugged yet. it is divided
into five processes:
- radio ressource
this process is partly complete. it implements functions to establish
radio ressource connection. especially handover and release/abort is not
implemented, but will follow soon. most things here depend on services
of the radio part. as the radio part gets more and more functionality,
the radio ressource can be more and more completed.
- mobility management
this process is complete. it also implements the location update
- call control
this process is complete. the MNCC interface of the call control is
almost identical to the openbsc. therefore i would suggest to merge both
"mncc.h" header files and put them into osmocore. currently there is a
minimal application in mnccms.c which rejects any call. (any MS must at
least do this.) later, a small telephone application could be used.
- cell selection
this process is complete. it does not do any measurements on the radio
part for cell (re-)selection. what it does is taking the results and
storing them in a structure. the structure is then used for selecting a
cell. it also controls the frequency used by the radio part.
- PLMN selection
this process is complete. but the manual cell selection requires a user
interface, which does not yet exist. it uses informations from cell
selection process to select available networks.

the term 'complete' refers only to basic call/data service. there is no
VGCS, VBS, multislot, GPRS, SoSLA support. since there is no interface
to the SIM card process (reading of data / storing data), there is just
a comment in the source code whenever data has to be transferred from/to
the SIM. also some special things, like NCC or cell priorization may be

i will start testing it tonight and hope to get results soon.



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