public project with MTK baseband firmware project

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Apr 13 12:40:39 UTC 2010

I will try to support the MTK fact and phone finding effort a bit.
Since I am currently in Shenzhen I walked down to the street and bought
3 books with MTK schematics. The stuff is probably online already somewhere
but I will try to find phones that have matching model numbers to the
ones we have schematics for.
Those 3 books will be scanned and I will put them up on a server as PDF
files. Maybe I go buy another set of books tomorrow and mail them to you
in Berlin, just in case (they sell for the price of paper here, ca. 2.50 USD
per copy. The data in them is essentially in the public domain in China,
many 'publishing houses' (=copy shops) publishing them).

At first glance, in the schematics books I bought today I saw the following
6223/6225 phones:

--- MT6225:
CECT C3000 (I found a CECT C3100 for only 20 USD, not sure how it differs from C3000)
HanTai HT5858
ZhenHua Z898
ZhenHua K888+ (note: many other brands make phones named "K888")
 (newer ZhenHua seem to be using 6226, would that also work?)
BoDao H580

--- MT6223:
SanKe K38

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