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Mon Apr 12 17:20:24 UTC 2010

Most phones made in china are using MTK platform.MTK platform is very cheap
and highly integrated!
You can download more data or tools here: **
Directory names and file names are in chinese,but most datasheets are in
I'll give you some hints for understanding these chinese words.
At the home directory of this ftp account,it may looks like this:

PADS2007视频教程光盘及试用版           //A video tutorial of a PCB design software
max                                                     //unknown(maybe
related to WinCE)
创易电子资料                                       //unknown
华禹-下载说明.txt                                 //the same as "readme.txt"
实用单片机系统                                   //something about SCM
旋风001手机模块                                //plese entering this directory!MTK
related! A MTK develop board
飓风2440                                           //A PDA develop board(No
GSM support,only wifi)

/旋风001手机模块    directory may looks like:
0.产品特色文档                              //product introduction(in chinese)
1.工具类                                       //develop tools
2.源码类                                       //source code
3.C语言开发及芯片文档                 //development documentation in c,datasheet (MTK
platform),Maybe usefull
4.硬件资源文档                             //hardware information(about an develop
board,not the MTK platform)
5.复合类资料                                //other document
6.用户发布资料                             //user contributed documents
7.其他                                          //others(maybe have nothing to
do with this project)
huayu0001_手机PDA交流群资料导航及下载说明.txt       //readme(in chinese)
huayu0002_最新更新说明.txt                                        //changelog(in
huayu0003客户常见问题.pdf                                         //faqs(in
huayu506_C语言开发相关问题解答(不断更新中).txt   //faqs for c program(in chinese)
huayu507_java开发相关问题解答(不断更新中).txt      //faqs for java program(in chinese)
//readme(like an advertisement)
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