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Tue Apr 6 12:19:20 UTC 2010

currently i am working on radio ressource layer and the sub processes
for 1) network selection, 2) cell selection, and 3) location update
trigger process. i have problems expecially with the cell selection
task. since it requires measurements and detection of carriers (for some
time depending on the slot configuration), it must work together with
the layer 1 (radio part). here are some examples of messages what i
think must exist between layer 1 and cell selection process:
(the primitive names are just examples and do not conform to GSM specs.)
L1CTL_DM_EST_REQ (which already exists) tune to a channel in dedicated
mode (by given channel, frequency and later hopping sequence)
L1CTL_IM_EST_REQ tune to a BCCH channel in idle mode (by given
L1CTL_IM_EST_CNF confirm valid carrier signal.
L1CTL_IM_INFO_IND info when reading of BCCH was enough for a cell
selection (depends on the channel configuration), shall include
L1CTL_MEAS_IND periodic info of measurements from the selected channel.
(required for cell reselection)
take these only as examples, not as required messages. while reading GSM
05.08, this is what i think is required to do cell (re-)selection
process or abort radio connection if fails (below minimum level).
any help/ideas/suggestions?
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