Trying to use simtrace with 4FF NFC/SIM cards

Pedro Cabrera pedrocab at
Mon Feb 27 16:03:26 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I come to all of you as I'm trying to use simtrace to capture the UE-SIM
traffic with a 4G+ SIM card, called "next gen SIM card" (the ones with
NFC). The only thing I see is the ATR, and the mobile never detects the SIM
card. I try also to read the SIM card plugin directly into the SCR3310 card
reader, but the reader didn't recognize the SIM card (no led activity).

At the beginning I thought this must be a new standard for the NFC/SIM
cards, but reading 3GPP TS 31.101 V13.2.0 (2016-06), I understood only
Class B and C operating conditions should be supported by 3G MEs (page 10
of the document), and using transmission protocols T=0 and T=1. So looks
like nothing has change in the protocols/electrical conditions.

I look for 3GPP specs folder searching for something related with this
NFC/SIM (, but nothing appear.
Also searching in google about this simcards I just found Orange document
describing the business strategy to use NFC services/wallet;

"On February 21st 2011 many of the world’s leading mobile operators (15 in
total) including Orange announced their collective commitment to SIM-based
mobile NFC and intention to launch commercial mobile NFC services. In
November 2011, the Chinese MNOs increased the momentum of support to SIM
based NFC. In January, GSMA communicated that more than 60 MNOs now support
these initiatives."


But still didn't found any technical spec for this sim cards. Most strange
for me is that plugging this SIM card in an old Samsung Galaxy S3 is
working normally, so ask myself why plugging in SCR3310 reader or simtrace
is not working.

Can anyone help me with this SIM cards specifications? Does anyone been
able to read with SIM readers?

Best Regards,
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