Problem with firmware flashing using dfu-util

Szymon Mielczarek sz.mielczarek at
Sat Feb 18 09:12:38 UTC 2017

In a response to "Problem with firmware flashing" thread.
I couldn't easily reply in the original thread so I am writing in a new one.

Hi Alexander,

As Holger mentioned, it seems that both dfu (the one provided with device
and dfu-util) are not compatible with each other. I will try to debug this
issue a little bit later.
Anyway, I was able to flash the board using an older version of dfu-util on
Windows 7.

Here are my steps (on Windows):
1. Download and unpack dfu-util v0.6 ( from:
2. Install USB drivers (
3. Enter DFU mode (the red LED should turn on)
4. Flash the device from cmd line
dfu-util -d 16c0:0762 -R -a0 -D

On Linux machine I am using the following configuration:
- Ubuntu 14.04 (natively booted, not VM)
- dfu-util v0.5

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