SIMtrace 3FF / micro-SIM adapter available

Harald Welte laforge at
Sun Jul 21 08:25:11 UTC 2013


I really don't want to feel this list to be abused for advertisements,
but in this case I'm sure it is of actual help to a number of people on
this list:

The sysmocom web shop finally has a 3FF (micro-SIM) adapter cable

Please note that (as opposed to the regular mini-SIM) we only have one
of the possible four orientations available.  This is primarily due to
the high manufacturing cost of low-volume flexible PCB projects.

We would like to hear from you

1) if you need this adapter in different orientation (which, for which
2) for which phone model you have used this new 3FF adapter successfully
3) what kind of problems you may have encountered using it.

Thanks to Kevin Redon for doing the PCB layout of this part.  It is
freely available as part of the simtrace.git repository since commit

On a related note: For nanoSIM, I think we would have to go for
dual-layer PCB with vias placed inside the actual card contact pads.
This will make production cost even more expensive than the microSIM
adapter.  So unless there's significant interest in a nanoSIM adapter,
it's unlikely that we'd have some made.  Please let us know if you
absolutely want one, and if you're happy to pay even more (e.g. 25-30
EUR) for only that adapter.

- Harald Welte <laforge at> 
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