Re: SIMtrace MITM/emulator

Vlastimil Páviček vlastimil.pavicek at
Wed Jul 10 17:35:58 UTC 2013

> Od: "Harald Welte" <laforge at>
> Komu: Tom Schouten <tom at>
> Datum: 10.07.2013 18:13
> Předmět: Re: SIMtrace MITM/emulator

>So my next-best idea was then:
>* use the CCID reference example from atmel for the card-reader part,
>  this way standard opensc/openct/pcsc-lite drivers can handle the card
>  reader like any other card reader
>* encapsulate the phone-facing part in the PC_to_RDR_Escape /
>  RDR_to_PC_Escape messages of the CCID protocol

Another way could be to encapsulate the phone-facing part commands in APDU commands with CLA value '0xFF' (which is forbidden by ISO-7816) and interpret them in the reader code. Some readers use this trick for similar purposes (i.e. Application <-> Reader communication).

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