hackrf: gr-osmocom sink tx buffering

Sebastian Böhm Sebastian.Boehm at b-tu.de
Wed Dec 9 12:23:06 UTC 2020

Does anyone have any idea what could be the reason for this behavior?

Am 01.12.2020 um 16:28 schrieb Sebastian Böhm:
> Hi,
> i try to transmit 2.48 ghz radio packets (beacons) at a fixed time 
> interval (e.g. every 1 s) via hackrf using the osmocom sink in 
> gnuradio. Without exception, the beacons are all received by my 
> sniffer "golden device" hardware, but burst.
> It seems that the packets are only transferred via USB to the hackrf 
> device hardware when the buffer with the fixed BUF_LEN 262144 
> (32*16*512) is completely filled. For my setup this are e.g. 18 beacon 
> frames, which are transmitted as burst. When I look at the USB 
> interface, I can see this burst of data every 18 seconds in a full USB 
> request block (URB) of  size 262144 byte. All other URBs (also of size 
> 262144 - every approx. 200us) transferred via USB are filled with 
> zeros only. So this burst behavior should be caused by gnuradio.
> How can I achieve that the complex data of the osmocom sink's input is 
> immediately (with the next URB) transferred to the hackrf hardware? Am 
> I missing any options of the GRC module?
> Thank You in advance!
> Regards,
> Sebastian
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