OsmoBTS with separate Tx and Rx SDRs?

Robert Bates (Octobang) rob at octobang.com
Mon Dec 7 21:48:39 UTC 2020

Hello list!

I've been digging a bit into the osmo-bts project to explore the GSM 
stack, and only ever see config information assuming you have a 
full-duplex TRX radio.  I have a HackRF One I'd like to use for TX and 
an RTL-SDR I'd like to use for RX (both operating on the 900MHz GSM 
band), but cannot seem to find any configuration information for setting 
this up - even though I've seen some mentions in passing to osmo-bts-trx 
supporing RTL-SDR devices.  I really don't have the budget to drop a few 
hundred more on a USRP device just to tinker with GSM and was hoping I 
could get away with two dedicated radios.

Can anyone tell me 1. if this kind of setup is even supported and 2. if 
so, point me to reference material that might help me make the connection?

Thanks in advance!



Robert Bates
rob at octobang.com

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