[rtl-sdr patch?] lib: retry i2c on failure

Fab Stz fabstz-it at yahoo.fr
Sat Oct 26 08:28:56 UTC 2019


Any idea ?

Le mercredi 16 octobre 2019 21:51:44 CEST, vous avez écrit :
> Have you
> tried using a more recent Kernel?

I just tried with kernel 5.2.17 (libusb also 1.0.22) and still have the issue.

> there is either
> some issue with your hardware or driver support of your system

Do you mean the RTL-SDR key or the motherboard ?
I also updated my BIOS to the latest version but that didn't fix it either.

There seems to be an issue when the USB slot I use is one controlled by the 
chipset (B450) and not when controlled by the CPU (Athlon200GE). Could that be 
cause ? Does that mean a buggy bios ? Or a buggy kernel ?


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