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Hudspeth, Robert Lee hudspero at
Thu Aug 15 15:50:38 UTC 2019

Hello! I am an undergraduate student at Oregon State University working
with RTL-SDR dongles for an academic project under supervision from
Benjamin Brewster, and I had a dev question.

I'm trying to run utilities that capture 978
<> & 1090Mhz
<> traffic simultaneously, but I
can't seem to stop rtl_sdr from allocating too many zero-copy buffers and
preventing both programs from running simultaneously (I'd like to cut down
from 15). I've been through librtlsdr.c and rtl_adsb.c with the hope of
manually changing some variable that will let me accomplish this to no

Is there some line I might have overlooked, or some additional parameter(s)
I might need to enter?
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