Technical help, umm I think?

James Clark - KC3CDV james.clark131 at
Thu Mar 9 15:49:17 UTC 2017

Hello all, not sure if this will go through or if Ive to subscribe or even if this is the rite place for help like this.
 I am on a mac running the latest OSX updates and I am waiting for my new SDR to get to me from amazon, Ive got CubicSDR and also Gqrx on the system, well my question is will I be able to just plug and play or will I have to install macports and all that other stuff that goes over my head.
Do I have to use turminal? Me trying to use that thing is like a fish trying to live out of water for a year, its vary unlikely it will happen effectivly.
 Also let me say rite up front please don’t post any photos because I cant see your photos.

 I hope this is the rite place to ask this question, thank you in advanced.

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