Please add this working hardware ID (15f4:0133) to librtlsdr.c of supported devices

Steve Markgraf steve at
Sun Nov 27 11:23:54 UTC 2016


On 27.11.2016 03:59, Martin Hochdekker wrote:
> Please update the source code, because I can't use gqrx-sdr as this
> hardware id is currently missing in the library. Although I compiled
> rtl-sdr with my added hardware id, I dont know how to make gqrx-sdr work
> with my own compiled rtl-sdr version and not the original library that
> lacks my hardware id. I'm using Ubuntu.

I've added the the ID. Which tuner is the dongle using? R820T?

In order to install the library, you need to run "sudo make install"
followed by "sudo ldconfig". Afterwards it should work with gqrx.


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