Please add this working hardware ID (15f4:0133) to librtlsdr.c of supported devices

Lucas Teske lucas at
Sun Nov 27 04:22:46 UTC 2016

GQRX uses osmosdr plugin, not librtlsdr. I will add your device ID to 
librtlsdr. I will also get the source code for osmosdr and make a patch 
for the ID.

The librtlsdr in osmocom is very outdated and they're not applying the 
patches usually people send, so we forked it and applied / tested here:

If you can, create an issue in github about that, I will fix it tomorrow.


Em 27/11/2016 00:59, Martin Hochdekker escreveu:
> Hello,
> I bought a RTL-SDR dongle from ebay which has a new hardware ID. The 
> dongle *is working* after adding its hardware ID to the list of 
> supported devices in the "/src/librtlsdr.c" file.
> _*Hardware ID:*_
> ID 15f4:0133 HanfTek
> _*Description of the dongle:*_
> Black cover with white text "DAB+FM+DVB-T".
> Please update the source code, because I can't use gqrx-sdr as this 
> hardware id is currently missing in the library. Although I compiled 
> rtl-sdr with my added hardware id, I dont know how to make gqrx-sdr 
> work with my own compiled rtl-sdr version and not the original library 
> that lacks my hardware id. I'm using Ubuntu.
> Sincerely,
> Martin

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