AirSpy & sdr tools ?

Martin Smith martin_z_smith at
Fri Mar 4 18:07:02 UTC 2016

Wrong mailing list ?

On 03/03/2016 12:17, Jean-Paul Le Fèvre wrote:
> Hi,
> After having played with a DX-Patrol device for a while using the sdr
> tools (sdr_tcp, sdr_fm, etc.) I've purchased an AirSpy and I would
> like to experiment with it.
> However reading the GrOsmoSDR page I see that AirSpy is supposed to be
> supported by the gr-osmosdr library but on the other hand the wiki
> page rtl-sdr does not mention it.
> I've recompiled the file librtlsdr.c after having added the id product
> and vendor of the AirSpy in the code.
> But I figure out that it is not sufficient and even maybe that it does
> not make sense.
> Is there a way to make the sdr tool set (sdr_*) compatible with the
> AirSpy ?

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